#5 [WIP]Fas: Scope change brainstorm [June 5, 2020]

Doing maths and all the coding made me thinking about progression system... yes, I could always create generic infinite idle clicker but that would be too simple sigh... so what twist I can possibly add here?

Mental Note:

I have already created some parts of this note... FU BSOD!!!

Idea that I should probably follow is Dungeon Exploring Industry. At some point player can upgrade settlement into town, this way whole scope of the game changes. Town gets walls, structures outside the city walls etc. and scope changes to city management.

Well not rly, simple generators are turned into heroes and city structures. Heroes go explore the fields around the city to fight monsters and possibly fight entrance to dungeons.

Dungeons are time based (48h for example?) if dungeon ain't cleared before time is up it will collapse. Clearing dungeon allows two things

  • Dungeon itself can be upgraded and turned into Hunting Grounds. Hunting Ground is gold generator that uses heroes and city population as main resource that increases gold and can be upgraded by adding structures specific to the dungeon/island type.
  • Special slots on the island are unlocked, allowing for industry upgrades.

Let's think about dungeons, a little bit more. Each dungeon is defined by its depth, biome and level. Depth determines how many levels of enemies have to be killed to find boss of the dungeon. Biome is just an info about enemy types that will show up on the gui. Level defines how much HP and Damage dungeon inhabitants will have. Should player send heroes to dungeons manually or should this happen automatically...

Why not smth in between? Heroes can settle in the city and sign up for players military company/local guard. Local guard might work better since this way player will be expanding city...

Each class is described with attributes:

  • Close Combat H M
  • Ranged attacks H M
  • Stealth H M
  • Support H M
  • Defence H M

Each hero has one of available classes. Let's assume for now that those types are as follows:

  • Berserker - (High Close Combat, low rest)
  • Adventurer (shield and sword) - (Medium Close Combat and Mediu Defence)
  • Archer - (High Ranged attack , medium Defence and low rest)
  • Healer - (High support, medium stealth and low rest)
  • Spearman - (High Defence and medium support)
  • Trickster/Highwayman - (High Stealth and medium Ranged, low rest)

So why this stats matter? Dungeons have requirements... requirements is the wrong phrase. Recommended team set up will be better. So for example dwarf dungeons will require more Stealth and Support than haunted crypt which will require Defence and Ranged Attacks. This way each biome will be different and will require different squad.

Dungeon System

Dungeon is basically multi-step generator that converts primary stat into progress and subtracts health based on the secondary stats.

  • If squad is perfectly balanced, heroes will take 100% damage
  • For every point below, squad will take 10*(growthRatepoints)% more damage
  • For every point above, squad will take 5*(descreaseRatepoints)% less damage
  • Progress is calculated from primary stat accroding to this formula

progressMod = squadStat/dungeonStat

progressGain = (progressBase*ProgressMod)

Those equations don't take into account depth of dungeon I will have to work on that...

Update 10.06.2020