#4 Fas: Crunching numbers [May 26, 2020]

Here we go again...

Last time I managed to find fitting theme for my idle game. Now it's time to crunch some numbers to change idea into a game.

Few weeks ago when I started researching things for this project I have found this great tool called Machinations. It allows creation of UML diagrams and simulating them.

It will be dun to see how good of a job I will do with this, TBH with myself I have to say that last time went... well it was total disaster.


Calculating basic income

First thing I did was creating basic graphs for calculating production and cost of simple generators. Those are pretty simple so I will just go to the next phase...

Adding prestige and additional bonuses

Next step was creating graph that will take into an account prestige/resets and additional bonuses. In this case additional bonus means income boost for every 25th generator.

Many parts are familiar only thing that changed is bottom part of the diagram. This is the part that takes care of prestige and. bonuses. Flow is pretty simple, if number of owned generators is lower than 76 and new generator was added update bonus formula.

bonus = 2^<sup>owned/25</sup>* numberOfResets

Ofc there is some magic added to the graph to make it work. Number of owned generators is divided by 25 and floored to create integer. In the next step diagram chooses smaller number between our innocent integer and 4, result of this action is fed into formula and sent to production formula.

Machinations generates lovely graphs for easier data management and puff I can easily analyse how tweaking numbers changes the progression curves.

Simulating workers behaviour

In fas (I decided that fas is good code name for this project, from now on I will be referring to it with this name) workers are used to automate work of the generators. Workers also have chance to generate hacksilver (used to upgrade generators) every minute. Now I need diagram for that... this will be fun since I never created smth so complicated in Machinations.

UPDATE 27/05/2020

Ok so first draft of the workers diagram is here. :party: It is already useful, it allows me to see how conversion chance influences

^ Diagram for workers

^ Hacksilver generation with 10% chance over 60 ticks

^ Hacksilver generation with 30% chance over 60 ticks

Next step is to create diagram that will simulate some kind of economy even with one generator and one type of worker.