#1 Universe Creation: Stars [May 20, 2020]

Since I can remember I was big fan of procGen. Dungeons, islands, creatures (RiP Spore) there is some sort of magic about creating worlds from scratch every time user presses the button.

Few months ago I found new passion, world building... not just creating lore, races and calling it a day. World building with a pinch of science. Creating calendars from planets orbital period and properties of it moon(s). Thinking about civilization would develop with much darker soon or two moons... how would religion change?

So now its time to stop thinking and create something useful. I want to start with simple generator for planetary systems and move to generating whole multiverse.

Math behind a star

Main characteristic of a star is its mass. Knowing mass will allow us to calculate rest of the needed data.

I will be using Harvard spectral classification as a starting point for our stars. For now I want to focus on stars that allow for life as we know it so I will be focusing on stars from categories F, G, K.

For easier math all of my calculations are relative to our Sun.

  • Luminosity
    L = masssol3.5
  • Diameter
    d = massol0.74
  • Surface Temperature
    T = masssol0.505
  • Main Sequence Life
    t = msol
  • Habitable Zone
    • Inner Border of the Habitable Zone
      HZinner = sqrt(L/1.1)
    • Outer Border of the Habitable Zone
      HZouter = sqrt(L/0.53)
  • Outer Zone of the System
    O = 40 * mass


Repo can be found here.

WebGL version soonTM